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* Book Review: Running out of Night by Sharon Lovejoy
* Book Review: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

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Book Review: Running Out of Night by Sharon Lovejoy

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Middle Grade Monday is a weekly collection of blog posts assembled by author Shannon Messenger. For a complete list of posts, visit Shannon's blog HERE.

Sharon Lovejoy
Random House Children's Books
Ages 9 - 12

Every day is a misery for a nameless, motherless Southern girl who is treated cruelly by her pa and brothers. Her life changes forever when a runaway slave named Zenobia turns to her for help and shelter. Longing for her own freedom, the girl decides to run away, and she and Zenobia set off on a harrowing journey. Along the way, Zenobia names the girl Lark, after the bird, for her ability to mimic its song.

Running by night, hiding by day, the girls are pursued by Lark’s pa and brothers and by ruthless slave catchers. Brightwell, another runaway slave, joins them, and the three follow secret signs to a stop on the Underground Railroad. When the hideout is raided and Zenobia and Brightwell are captured, Lark sets out alone to rescue her friends.


I love this cover. That's what  made me first open the cover. And the story definitely lives up to expectation. The story of these two girls who run away from their respective abusive enslavements in search of the Underground Railroad and freedom grabbed my attention from the first line and kept me turning pages all the way to the end. Running Out of Night is well-researched and does not hold it's punches when it comes to the inhuman abuse endured by slaves and abolitionists alike. This is a story that respects this pivotal era of American history, a story that reveal the pain, the courage, and the hope that eventually changed the world.


Profanity:  None
Sexuality:  None
Violence:  Moderate

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Review: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

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Middle Grade Monday is a weekly collection of blog posts assembled by author Shannon Messenger. For a complete list of posts, visit Shannon's blog HERE.


Kate DiCamillo
Ages 9 - 12

Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely

And then, one day, he was lost.

Kate DiCamillo and Bagram Ibatoulline take us on an extraordinary journey, from the depths of the ocean to the net of a fisherman, from the top of a garbage heap to the fireside of a hobies' camp, from the bedside of an ailing child to the streets of Memphis. And along the way, we are shown a true miracle -- that even a heart of the most breakable kind can learn to love, to lose, and to love again.


I have had this book on my shelf for years but never read it. I started to a couple of times, but it wasn't the sort of story that really interested me. But when I was looking for a good read aloud story for my 7-year-old son, I finally took it down.

This is a perfect bedtime story for children. The language is simple and direct, yet beautiful. The interior illustrations are elegant and complex. My son loved the story of Edward's journey from owner to owner, from loss to love. It is a sad story at times. Perhaps a little too tragic for very young children. But it has a happy ending.

Like The Velveteen Rabbit, I believe DiCamillo's tale will live on in the hearts of many generations to come.


Profanity: None
Sexuality:  None
Violence:  Mild

Friday, February 20, 2015

GIFT an AUTHOR to your SCHOOL!!!

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*  Book Review: FAIREST by Marissa Meyer

Wade Bradford, author of Why Do I Have to Make My Bed? (Random House) has just announced his debut middle grade novel CAMP OMIGOSH!

CAMP OMIGOSH will be published this May by Skyrocket Press, a new small publisher of innovative and creative books for kids and adults!

To make this book become reality, Skyrocket Press has just launched a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN to raise much-needed funds for the project.

How You Can Help

Wade wants to visit YOUR SCHOOL!

For a donation of $250, Wade will SKYPE any classroom anywhere and spend a full hour interacting with your students about books, writing, and what it takes to become an author.

For a $500 donation, Wade will visit your school IN PERSON! (Southern California)

For $800, Wade will visit ANY SCHOOL IN THE US!!!
In addition, Skyrocket Press will donate 5 signed copies of his book to your school library.

Just imagine how excited your students will be to meet a published author. Give them a gift that really makes a difference. GIVE THEM WADE BRADFORD!

For as little as $5, you can also get one of the many other CAMP OMIGOSH REWARDS!

$     5 - CAMP OMIGOSH Ebook
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$100 -  A CAMP OMIGOSH BACKPACK, poster & 2 signed copies!

CAMP OMIGOSH is already well underway! The book is in the final stages of revision as we speak, and the cover will be revealed the first week of April! All we need to get the book into kids' hands is your support.

Please consider backing CAMP OMIGOSH, and please share! In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from the book...


Blat! Thup, thup, thup, thup!
            The flat tire slapped against the asphalt. The bus lurched from one lane to the next. Mr. Warren's cheesy welcome letter flew out of my hand -- and I hadn't even gotten past Tip #1. Sleeping bags and backpacks rained down from the overhead storage racks. A canoe paddle slapped me in the face, knocking me out of my seat. I tumbled down the aisle on my hands and knees, crumpling into a ball each time the bus veered out of control. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. Just a few moments ago we were all bouncing along on our way to camp and now we were about to die. What a miserable way to begin my summer vacation.
            I scrambled to a different seat, bumping into a blond girl who seemed eerily calm. While everyone else was screaming their lungs out, she was staring out the window. How can she be sightseeing at a time like this? I peered over her shoulder to see a jagged ravine and a raging river far below. We were going to plummet over the edge.
            "Everything is under control!" the bus driver screamed at the top of her lungs. The brakes screeched, just a few notches below dog whistle range. Camping supplies slid down the aisle as the bus tilted on two wheels, sending sparks flying as the big yellow vehicle scraped against a metal barrier, the only thing preventing us from a one-way trip to the bottom of a cliff. The bus Ka-Chuncked back down on all four wheels and then spun like a drunken ballerina. Three times around. Then we stopped. Amazingly, no one died. Nobody was even hurt. Some of the younger kids whimpered and sobbed. A few older ones shouted “that was awesome!” but you could tell deep down we were all scared. Me included.
            "You can let go now," said the blond girl. I was holding her hand without even realizing. "Sorry," I mumbled. I couldn't tell if she was annoyed or amused, but I quickly let go. She looked about thirteen, my age. Her eyes were a deep green with flecks of amber, and I probably would have kept staring into her eyes for a long, long time but she stood up and said, "Let's get off this bus before it explodes."

                                                                        * * *

            "Everything is perfectly fine!" screamed the bus driver. She was the first one off the bus. The rest of us quickly followed. The first thing I noticed when I stepped off the bus was the crisp fresh air. It smelled wonderful. I used to live in Orange County, in a town called none other than the City of Orange. And during the summer, the California smog sets in, and every night the sky turns the color of the town's name. The air pollution can get pretty nasty. But here at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, everything looked and felt different. The puffy white clouds floating in the insanely blue sky looked like a painting from one of those museums my mom would sometimes drag me through. Even that deadly ravine next to the bus seemed beautiful now.
            We really were in the middle of nowhere. This was the loneliest road I had ever seen. There were two other buses about a mile ahead of us. They parked along the side of the road, and must have been wondering what happened to us. About two minutes passed before we heard a vehicle approach. It sounded like a lawn mower. But it turned out to be a rusty, frog-green Ford Pinto. I had heard about that type of old car before, but I had never seen one in real life. I thought they had gone extinct.
            The car puttered down the road, cruising at jogging speed, and stopped in front of the bus. A tall man with short brown hair stepped out and put his hands on his hips like a general surveying his mistakes after a battle.
            "Your cheap tires nearly got us killed!" shouted the bus driver.
            "Do we have a spare?" asked the tall man. I recognized his voice. He was the guy from last week, the so-called “Camp Leader” who spoke to some of the kids and the parents during the orientation meeting. At the time, he seemed kind of boring so I didn't pay much attention. He covered the standard introduction stuff: safety, respect, life challenges, blah, blah, blah. The meeting ran long so I zoned out. It didn't help that lots parents asked a bunch of dumb questions like, "Does your campground have indoor plumbing?" and "Why do we have to sign this waiver?" My mom didn't ask anything. She was happy with the price. This was the least expensive summer camp she could find. And she was happy I was going to be away for the summer.   
            "Look underneath, and you'll find another tire,” replied the bus driver. “But it's just as shoddy as the rest of the rubber bands you got wrapped around these axles." She lit up a cigarette. She had curly gray hair and a wizened, wrinkly face that told me she had been bus driving for the last forty years.
            The man smiled politely at the bus driver. He looked like the kind of guy who was very patient. I'm good at spotting the patient people.  I'm also good at finding their breaking point. At least that's what my mom tells me.
            He looked at us. "Hello campers," he said cheerfully. "Sorry for the delay. I am Mr. Warren." Some of the kids murmured hello. Most of us kept our mouths shut.
            "Don't worry," he added. "You'll be back on the road and arriving at Camp Omigosh in...” he checked his watch “...approximately eighteen minutes.” He looked at our driver. “And please, Ms. Finkle, don't smoke in front of our campers."
            She took one last drag and then crushed the cigarette butt under her boot.
            Mr. Warren pulled out a walkie-talkie. "We're all okay. Just be a moment," he said. I assumed he was talking to the drivers of the two other buses at the bottom of the hill. "Maintain your position."
             Mr. Warren investigated the damaged tire. "Now, I just need a jack and a, um, one of those what-do-you-call-it…"
            Ms. Finkle laughed. "A tire iron? Son, you don't know a thing about cars, do you?"
            "I'll take care of the repairs, Ms. Finkle. Please keep an eye on the children. Make sure they don't fall into the ravine," He went back to his ancient Pinto to get a tool box. Ms. Finkle sat on a stump.
            Since we had time to kill, I took out my lucky deck of cards and scoped out the other kids to see if I could spot a “mark.” Most of the kids didn't know each other, so they sulked alone, playing video games or kicking gravel onto the road. Some of them were complaining into their phones, telling their parents everything that had happened so far. One girl yelled into her phone, "I don't want to be here!"
            I noticed two kids that looked like twins. They wore matching baseball caps. They argued over a pair of baseball cards. Good, I thought. Baseball fans collect stuff. And people who collect stuff have money. I found my first mark.
            I shuffled my deck and set out three cards: two aces and the queen of hearts. I flipped them around, studying them intently as though I was an artist working out his next masterpiece.
            Pretty soon, the Baseball Hat brothers walked over to watch me at work. "What are you playing?" asked the twin on the left.
            For a moment I didn't say anything, I was so lost in the cards. Then I finally replied, "It's a game called Find the Queen."
            "Looks easy," said the other twin. He was already bored. They were about to leave when I said, "Yeah, you probably shouldn't be playing this. It's not a game for kids."
            "What do you mean?" one of them asked.
            "It's a gambling game. You know, like in Vegas. People win a lot of money if they are good at it."
            "Are you any good?" they asked at the same time.
            "I wish," I replied. "I've been getting better, but I still need a lot of practice. Yesterday I lost three bucks."
            "Will you teach us how?" asked the one on the right.
            I asked, "Do you got any quarters?"
            The twins fished for loose change in their pockets while I shuffled the cards.

                                                                        * * *

            Ten minutes later, a crowd of marks surrounded me. Thanks to my sleight of hand and a Queen of Hearts no one could find, I had won a Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card from the 1990s, eight crumpled dollar bills, a handful of loose change, two candy bars, a golf ball, a Spiderman comic book, and a half-eaten peanut butter and banana sandwich. At first, I let the twins win the first few times. It built their confidence, and gathered a crowd. Pretty soon every kid was itching to play, and willing to bet something of value. But then I was on a winning streak, and the more they lost the more they wanted to play.       Right after I won the golf ball, it looked like the Camp Leader was done changing the tire. I was about to pack up the game when the blond girl with those mean emerald eyes weaved her way to the front of the crowd.
            "I'll play." She slapped down a twenty dollar bill. "Unless that's too much for you."
            Everyone gasped. The crowd looked at me, anticipating my next move. "All right," I announced, "last game. Find the queen." I showed her the queen of hearts and flipped the card face down. Then I tossed around all three cards at lightning speed.
            Normally the “Mark” would be following the cards very closely, but this girl just locked eyes with me. When I stopped and asked "Where's the queen?" she didn't hesitate. You aren't supposed to let the players touch the cards; they should just point. But she was too quick for me. She grabbed the middle card and showed it to the other kids.
            I couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry, Ace of Spades. You lose." Then, she pealed away the trick card to reveal the queen hiding underneath.
            "Cheater," she announced, unsurprised. Everyone groaned and started snatching back all of their stolen treasures. Some kids kicked gravel at me. Others called me a four letter word. The Baseball Hat Twins punched me in the arm, one right after the other.
            Mr. Warren must have sensed that a mob was forming. "I know you're anxious, campers,” he called from the other side of the bus, “so let's get moving."
            Everyone scrambled back on board, but the blond girl just took her time, placing her twenty dollar bill back into her novel, like some extravagant bookmark. She smiled at me, happy to have ruined my day.
            "I was going to give it all back," I said. I must have sounded pathetic.
            "Why?" she asked, but she didn't wait around for an answer.
            "It's how... " I was about to explain that it was how I made friends. Interest them with some card tricks. Disappoint them when they lose their stuff. Impress them with my generosity when I give back the winnings. That's how I became instantly popular in the fifth grade. It even worked in military school. But it didn't work on the bus ride to Camp Omigosh. As the rest of the kids filed onto the bus, I gazed into the woods. Everything seemed peaceful in the forest. A cool wind made the trees look like they were waving to me. Calling to me. Part of me, wanted to wander off and never get back on that stupid bus.
            "Hurry up and get on," hollered Ms. Finkle, anxious to leave. “The last thing we need around here is another dead kid haunting these woods.”
            I had no idea what she was talking about, but I suddenly realized I was now the only kid standing outside. When I hopped back on the bus, all the kids booed me. Some of them threw things. I barely dodged the half-eaten peanut butter and banana sandwich. As I made my walk of shame, I realized there was only one seat available and guess who was sitting there? That's right. The blond girl.
            "Hello, loser," she said without looking up from her book, but I couldn't help but notice that she was smiling. "You owe me twenty dollars."
            Broke again, I thought. I handed her my worn-out twenty dollar bill. She seemed surprised that I actually paid up.
            For a while, I just stared at the floor as the bus drove down the hill. I could hear Mr. Warren's Pinto sputtering behind us. A few minutes later, our bus joined up with the other two, and we continued down the road as if nothing had ever happened.
            "Whoa!" shouted a kid in front of me. "There it is."
            "Are we already at the camp?"
            "No," he replied excitedly without looking back at me. "Straight ahead, into the cliff. Plummer's Tunnel. It's the fourth longest mountain tunnel in North America. It's an engineering miracle, and someday I'm gonna--" Then he noticed he was talking to me -- the kid who swindled him -- and he clammed up. He glared at me through his thick glasses and angrily placed his prize golf ball into his shirt pocket.
            "Sorry about--" but before he could let me finish, the kid sat back down.
            The tunnel zoomed toward us. I held my breath, just out of habit. When I was a little kid, Mom and Dad and I would go on these long road trips from one big city to the next. Every time we would go through a tunnel we would hold our breath and lift up our arms to hold up the tunnel ceiling to keep it from falling on us. The memory made me realize we hadn't been on a family trip in a long time.
            We drove through the tunnel and darkness swallowed the bus. It was pitch black. This didn't seem like a fourth place tunnel. This felt like the world's record breaker of long tunnels. In the darkness, I wondered what the bus driver had meant about some dead kid haunting the forest. Suddenly I noticed something that made me breathe again. The blond girl grabbed my hand and held on tight.


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Fearless Joe Dearborne by Lisa Whitney Mitchell  

About the Book

Title: Fearless Joe Dearborne | Author: Lisa Whitney Mitchell | Publication Date: July 11, 2014 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 198 | Recommended Ages: 8+ Summary: Some might say he’s courageous, while others would say he’s daring, maybe even a little crazy. But when Joe Dearborne risked his life and ran into a burning building to save a puppy, the local newspaper referred to him as “fearless”—and that’s a pretty big title for a sixth-grader to live up to.

Plus, Joe already has plenty else to worry about. After other daring feats in the past, Joe promised his father he wouldn’t do anything dangerous again, and, alas, he’s just broken that promise. But whatever trouble he expects to get into with his father, and despite the dangers he’s triumphed over in the past, nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold, bitterness creeps into his home. A mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Chill has just been hired to care for Joe while his father is away on business. In no time, however, Joe discovers that she’s up to more than cooking and cleaning, and she has plans to destroy his family. Joe’s effort to save them results in perilous, sometimes humorous, encounters, and leads him on a journey through the threatening wilderness where he faces his greatest challenge yet.

The Buzz About the Book

Be sure to check out the Book Review Blitz Wrap-Up for Fearless Joe Dearborne were you can read excerpts from the 40+ reviews generated through the blitz. Here are some of the things reviewers had to say about Fearless Joe Dearborne:

Leigh Shearin: "Children from age 8-12 should love this story. It is full of suspense and excitement, but also provides well-disguised learning opportunities, which should please parents as well. I simply can't say enough good things about this wonderful debut novel. Lisa Whitney Mitchell has come out fearlessly, treating us all to what could become an iconic novel!"

Heart of a Philanthropist: "This reader was impressed with how many subplots are in Fearless Joe Dearborne. It is a short easy read. The book can easily be finished in just a few reading sessions. If you are looking for a good mystery embedded with humor, this book is for you! Recommended for 9-13 year old readers."

Identity Discovery: "I thought this was a fantastic book. Each chapter starts with a word being defined and then the word is used within the chapter. I absolutely love this aspect. It not only is an entertaining story, but it helps kids to learn new words and how to use them. The character development really showed Joe's transformation. I loved it."

Christy's Cozy Corners: "There is so much to love about this book...The storyline, setting, characters and pacing make this a great book for your kids to read alone or with you. I know I enjoyed it, so I recommend reading it with your child. I highly recommend it!"

1:25 am Reviews: "I read this entire book in one sitting. I just couldn't bear to put it down because there was never a dull moment!!"

BeachBoundBooks: "This is such a fantastic story. There is so much going on to keep children entertained throughout the book... The story teaches children about character and believing in yourself."

Bookworm for Kids: "Of course, I'm always a fan of shorter adventures. The 135 pages invites even hesitant readers to take a peek and get swept away in the fun. In other words, I can recommend this to boys and girls who love adventure, a few chills and tons of fun thrown in."

Sunshine, Bubbles and Books: "One of the strongest points of this book is how it shows the difference between being brave and being fearless. Often books portray recklessness as a positive trait... as a mother, I love that this paints it in a more realistic light. That there are consequences to actions."

A Leisure Moment: "This story is filled with adventure and mystery which can be inferred through the book cover... The attention to detail, along with the description of events really creates an atmosphere of a great story that upper elementary/middle level students will truly enjoy!"

Brooke Blogs: "I enjoyed the story as much as my 12 year old daughter did. This was a quick read and a page turner that we didn't want to put down until we were finished."

About the Author: Lisa Whitney Mitchell

Lisa Whitney Mitchell lives in Florida with her husband, two sons, and their dog. When she’s not writing, she practices law. Fearless Joe Dearborne is her first novel.  

* $25 Book Blast Giveaway *

Amazon 25 gift card 
 Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal cash (winner’s choice) Contest ends: March 18, 11:59 pm, 2015 Open: Internationally How to enter: Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Terms and Conditions: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. A winner will be randomly drawn through the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. The winner will then have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, a new draw will take place for a new winner. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. This giveaway is sponsored by the author, Lisa Whitney Mitchell and is hosted and managed by Renee from Mother Daughter Book Reviews. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send and email to Renee(at)MotherDaughterBookReviews(dot)com.  

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(Book .5 of The Lunar Chronicles)
Marissa Meyer
Feiwel & Friends
Ages 12 - 17

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
Who is the Fairest of them all?

Pure evil has a name, hides behind a mask of deceit, and uses her "glamour" to gain power. But who is Queen Levana? Long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress in The Lunar Chronicles, Levana lived a very different story—a story that has never been told . . . until now.

New York Times –bestselling author Marissa Meyer reveals the story behind her fascinating villain in Fairest, an unforgettable tale about love and war, deceit and death. This extraordinary book includes a special full-color image of Levana’s castle and an excerpt from Winter, the exciting conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles.


I am a HUGE fan of Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles, but I admit I was hesitant to read Fairest.  I like reading about the good guys! Why would I want to know anything about the evil lunar queen Lavana?

While this pre-quel to the series first book, Cinder, lacks the humor and romantic appeal of the other books (for good reason), Fairest is integral to the overall story arch and sets the stage for the fourth and last book of the series, Winter, which comes out in November.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Fairest. I really, really hate Lavana. If Meyer intended for us to develop any sympathy for her, that could not happen. But the book succeeds in giving us a view deep into Lavana's past and heart, so we can hate her even more than we already do.

All I can say is that I CANNOT WAIT TO READ WINTER!!! To read my reviews of the other books in the series, just click on the covers below.

[* I received no compensation of any kind for this review. I purchased the book with my own money.]


Profanity:  None
Sexuality:  Moderate (sex occurs but is not described)
Violence:  Moderate


Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Series #2)Cress (Lunar Chronicles Series #3)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card w/ THE MAISY FILES

Mother Daughter Book Reviews is pleased to be coordinating a Book Blast (February 17 to 18, 2015) for the second book in "The Maisy Files" mystery chapter book series by Elizabeth Woodrum, "Maisy and the Money Marauder". If you haven't had a chance to check out Book 1, you can grab a Kindle copy for FREE from Amazon February 17 and 18, 2015!

Maisy and the Money Marauder by Elizabeth Woodrum

About the Book

Title: Maisy and the Money Marauder (The Maisy Files, Book #2) | Author: Elizabeth Woodrum | Publication Date: February 17, 2015 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 90 | Recommended Ages: 6 to 12 Summary: Lunch money has been stolen at West Valley Elementary, and everyone's favorite fourth-grade detective in on the case. With a cherry lollipop in hand, her fedora, and her trusty notebook, Maisy steps into her black-and-white mystery world to search for clues. Join Maisy on her quest to unmask a thief in Maisy and the Money Marauder.

Book 2 Available from Amazon

PLUS, Grab a FREE Kindle Copy of Book 1, Maisy and the Missing Mice

from Amazon February 17 and 18, 2015.

Maisy and the Missing Mice

Sneak Peek


The Buzz About Book One

"Maisy and the Missing Mice is a fun chapter book featuring a smart and sassy tween girl as the title character; a solid and interesting plot featuring age-appropriate intrigue and suspense; and some terrific writing that carries the reader on a journey as a detective uncovering clues and solving the mystery of who stole the missing mice. I highly recommend this book as a read aloud book for children between the ages of 6 and 10 or for independent readers between the ages of 7 and 12 who love to read mysteries." ~ Mother Daughter Book Reviews

"Woodrum certainly knows her target audience and does a very nice job with the character development of Maisy. This is an incredibly kid-friendly story that makes a great introduction to the genre of mystery for newly independent readers. It's a quick page turning read that encourages kids to think outside of the box." ~ The Children's Book Review

"The delights from this book start with the cover art and continue with a fun story that is well-written." ~ 5 Star Review, R. Johnson, Amazon

"My name is Kat. I am 9 years old. I would rate this a five because I like everything about it, the mystery the most. It was fun to read. My favorite part was the mystery and the end. I love this book so much. I think other kids would love it too because it has mystery and most kids would like mystery books. Most mystery books have a good mystery. I would love to read the whole series." ~ 5 Star Review, Heather A., Amazon

"What an Amazing book. I totally love it. I admire the author dedication for writing an incredible book. While reading this book, it was very clear that author understand kids. I’ve always been an avid reader and this book is one of the best books I have read in 2014. This book grabs my attention from the very start of the book and couldn't put it aside till I finish it." ~ 5 Star Review, KristinT, Amazon

"I knew I would love this book simply because I knew it would remind me of the mystery books I read in my childhood. I really love how much trust the teachers and community as a whole put in Maisy. She is well deserving of their admiration as the way she finds clues and finds the mascot for the school is well thought out. This is a story any child would love to read. I hope Maisy continues to solve mysteries..." ~ 5 Star Review, Josh, Amazon

About the Author: Elizabeth Woodrum

Elizabeth Woodrum Elizabeth Woodrum[/caption] Elizabeth Woodrum is an elementary teacher in Ohio. She came to love writing when she was in elementary school, but more recently began writing material for use in her classroom. From that writing, grew the desire to write books for the general population of children and adults alike. The Maisy Files, a children's series, is the first series that she has published. As a reader, Elizabeth prefers the fantasy genre, but she enjoys realistic fiction as well. Some of her favorite authors include JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Nicholas Sparks. Originally from Indiana, Elizabeth currently resides near Dayton, Ohio with her two pets: a cat named Butterscotch and a dog named Reese Cup.  

Book Website | Author Blog | Twitter

Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest


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