Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am happy to announce that the winner of yesterday's FLASH FOLLOW GIVEAWAY is Linda Kish! Welcome Linda! Linda will be receiving a $20 gift card.

In other news, the WRITING CHALLENGE #1 has been extended for an additional week since we have only 2 entries so far, and we need a minimum of 8 for the contest to move forward. So please pass this along to your writing friends. All that is required to participate is that you follow this blog, fill out the entry form and post your 100 word or less story at the original post  HERE.

The winner will choose from three popular novels as a prize.


  1. Thanks for extending it! I wanted to enter but this week got crazy and I never got a chance to sit down and write what was in my head. I hopefully will get a chance this weekend.

  2. Thanks for extending the deadline. I'm entering now! :)