Wednesday, September 28, 2011


by Hildi Kang
Tanglewood Press
184 pp.
Ages 8-12

Chengli is an orphaned errand boy who lives in Chang’an China in 630 A.D. His mother has died from illness and his father is presumed dead after disappearing into the desert when Chengli was a baby.

Now thirteen, Chengli feels ready for independence. He is drawn to the desert, beckoned by the howling of strange winds and the hope of learning something about his father—who he was and how he died.

Chengli joins a caravan to travel down the merchant route known as the Silk Road, but it is a dangerous life, as his father knew. The desert is harsh, and there are many bandits—bandits interested in Chengli’s caravan because a princess, her servants, and royal guards are traveling with them. But the desert is full of amazing places and life-changing experiences, as the feisty princess learns the meaning of friendship and Chengli learns the heroism of which he is capable. (from

Chengli is a thoroughly enjoyable story appropriate for elementary school aged children. Ms. Kang has spent a good deal of time in China (where this story takes place) and other parts of Asia, and her knowledge of history and the land is expertly woven into an exciting plot. This would make a wonderful addition to any history or multi-cultural curriculum, and should be on every school library's shelves.

Rating:      4 out of 5 stars
Profanity:  None
Sex:           None
Violence:   Mild


  1. This sounds like a fascinating read! I love that it's a clean book for younger children. Thanks for the review.

  2. I love that this is a multicultural book for younger kids. Great review.