Monday, September 19, 2011


What you  need to know:

1. The $5,000 Hackney Literary Award is given annually to a work of unpublished fiction. (Other monetary prizes are also given in the categories of novels, poetry and short fiction.)

2.  There is a $30 entry fee.

3.  Email entries are encouraged. Fee can be paid via Google Checkout at the awards' website or paid with a check. Submissions can be emailed to:

4.  Include separate cover sheet with contact information. Author's name should NOT appear on the manuscript.

5. Submissions and/or checks can be mailed to:  Hackney Literary Awards
                                                                         1305 2nd Ave. North, #103
                                                                         Birmingham, AL 35203

For more information, please visit the HACKNEY LITERARY AWARDS website. Please read the guidelines in their entirety prior to submitting A Thousand Wrongs is not responsible for anything other than providing the information posted above.

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