Friday, November 8, 2013


Dorine White
Cedar Fort
Ages 8 - 12

Sara Bogus's life turns upside down when she discovers an emerald ring that once belonged to Cleopatra. The fun of discovering the ring's unique abilities turns to fear when she finds out a dangerous cult bent on restoring Rome to power is after the ring. Forced to choose between keeping the ring and saving her friends, Sara learns the price of bravery in this electrifying read!


1. What is it like to be an author?
Absolute torture, lol. Unless you are instantly a NYT bestseller, you end up promoting your book non-stop. It is never ending, and if you’re a wall flower, you’re in trouble. Plus the waiting. Ugh. People don’t realize how much waiting is involved in writing. You can wait up to two years to hear back from a publisher you queried. And even after you’re published, you wait on sales numbers, checking book scan like nuts, hoping you draw the numbers to excite publishers into a second book.

2.So why do you do it?
It is my dream. Since I was a kid all I did was fill up notebooks full of stories. It never mattered if anyone read them. I just needed to write them. The same is true with my books. I write because I love to create stories. Getting published is the icing on the cake.

3.What is your book about?
Well, The Emerald Ring is actually the first book in a series about a selection of magical jewels that Cleopatra once owned.  This first book deals with young Sara, who finds the emerald ring in her grandmother’s attic. When she slips it on, it becomes stuck and she finds herself experiencing strange events. Soon she is having visions, understanding animals and able to shape shift.
The catch of the entire series is that an evil Roman cult is after all 5 gems, wishing to return Rome to a world power. The members will stop at nothing to gain the gemstones.

4.When is the second book coming out?
As of now, The Ruby Pendant is slated to be released Spring 2014, but it is all in the publisher’s hands. 

5. What is it about?
Let me give you my blurbWelcome to New Orleans- home of Mardi Gras, jazz music and voodoo. Eighth grader Melanie Belaforte is home for Spring break and itching for excitement. Late one night she discovers a hidden chamber and a secret journal in her deceased Aunt Florence’s bedroom.
            The diary contains the writings of a mad woman, along with vague clues about the whereabouts of a ruby necklace that once belonged to Cleopatra. The ruby bestows upon the wearer the power to hear other people’s thoughts- even the thoughts of the dead!
    And so the hunt begins. Melanie, her best friend Sybil, and a haunting specter unravel clues that take them from crumbling graveyards, to the busy streets of the French Quarter, and then into murky swamps, all to find the prize. But they need to watch out, because a murderous cult is matching them step for step, and they won’t give up, ever.

As you can see, we have a new main character, but the cult and search for the gemstones remains the same. Readers will see Sara pop up in book 2 as Melanie searches for the ruby.

6. Just for fun- What’s your favorite ice-cream?
Hmm, Cookies and cream.

7. Are you a geek about anything?
 Sci-fi/fantasy all the way! Oldies like Dr. Who, Red Dwarf and Star Trek TNG. Then current ones like Supernatural, Fringe, Vampire Diaries. I love them all.

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