Friday, March 24, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: MICRO by Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton & Richard Preston
HarperCollings - Audio Book

In the vein of Jurassic Park, this high concept thriller follows a group of graduate students lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company—only to find themselves cast out into the rain forest, with nothing but their scientific expertise and wits to protect them. An instant classic, Micro pits nature against technology in vintage Crichton fashion. Completed by visionary science writer Richard Preston, this boundary-pushing thriller melds scientific fact with pulse-pounding fiction to create yet another masterpiece of sophisticated, cutting-edge entertainment.


Honestly? I expected better from Michael Crichton. Now, you might be asking, who am I to criticize the great Michael Crichton?

I'm as big a fan as anyone. C'mon. Jurassic Park! Coma! Andromeda Strain! But Micro didn't even come close to meeting my expectations. In a nutshell, Micro is Honey, I Shrunk the Kids for grown-ups. The plot really isn't much different, except that the little people get eaten, stung, torn limb from limb, and otherwise destroyed by the creatures in the micro world. There is a bad guy who is such a caricature it is almost silly. And most of the other characters are flat and at times indistinguishable, except for the whiny self-centered guy who is just annoying through the entire book. And the dialogue...don't get me started on the dialogue.

I know I sound harsh, but it's irritating when best-seller authors who are truly, at times, genius, get away with publishing stuff like this.

What I can say is that it was interesting enough to keep me listening. (I really didn't care for the narrator who only contributed to the silliness of it all with his overly dramatic reading.) If you can get this for free or at least on sale, go for it. The scenes of death and destruction are colorful and imaginative. Otherwise, I'd pass.


Profanity:  High
Sexuality:  Mild
Violence:   High

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