Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NEW RELEASE: "MIRROR, MIRROR" - A Story for Horror Lovers

Andy and his mother arrive at deceased Great-Grandma Norton's manor to inventory their inheritance. But what they find in the attic leaves them running for their lives.

Don't ask me why, but when I write short stories they always end up being kinda horror/sci-fi stuff. Maybe it's because the limited space allows me to explore ideas that I wouldn't otherwise commit an entire year's worth of novel writing to. Deep down, I love horror fiction. I really do.

"Mirror, Mirror" was written ages ago and was actually published by a horror e-zine which has long since vanished into the murkiness of e-zines past. I don't even remember its name. It's now available for Kindle for a buck. Hope you enjoy it. 



  1. Lauri, never knew you wrote this genre. I ordered it because of you being the author. If I have scary dreams I'll blame you!!! Love you!!!

    1. Hey Thanks Cori! I have one other published short story: Eye of the Beholder. I actually have quite a few shorts that I plan to publish over the next year or so. Eventually I'll publish an anthology. They are all either horror or sci-fi. I am working on a horror/sci-fi novel as well.