Saturday, October 14, 2017


by Christine Rees
Evernight Teen Publishing
Ages 14 & up

The curse of premonition follows Faye Lithyer, forcing her to witness death—over and over again. 
When Faye moves in with her grandmother in Astoria, Oregon, her visions grow stronger. Faye watches a new friend fall victim to a murder in the not-so-distant future and becomes obsessed with preventing it from happening. However, Faye's insecurity has her undecided whether she should tell her friend about their impending death or hunt down the murderer before it's too late. 

Faye will be faced with an epic choice that threatens to expose her abilities. Will she choose to save her friend from a monster or risk becoming one herself?

"I really enjoyed reading this!! The story kept me wanting to keep reading and not put it down." - 5 Star Review




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Author Bio:
Christine is a twenty-four year old Western University graduate and Sheridan College alumni. A movie junkie, animal lover, brunch enthusiast and literacy advocate, Christine's been writing novels since high school. There's a good chance you'll find her playing with her pets, curled up with a good book or up until 4am writing her own.

Some of Christine's favourite authors include Ellen Hopkins, Robert Louis Stevenson and Meg Cabot. She loves a little bit of everything. Except spiders.

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Oh no, please, not while I’m in class!

Rachel was running through the park again, but even though this was the third time I was watching the attack, it felt different. Something changed, but was that possible?

She sped past where I was sitting on a park bench.

“Help!” she screamed.

I wanted to help but she was so far out of reach.

“Faye? Are you okay?” Rachel’s voice appeared distant in reality. I was getting caught between the vision and the real world.

Hopefully, I only looked spaced out.

In the vision, Rachel was cut off by the first attacker as she always was. So she ran back towards me. I smacked the bench I found myself sitting on and managed to give myself a sliver.

Why? Why was this happening? Why did this keep happening?

“Faye,” Rachel whispered in reality. “What’s going on? Why are you acting like this?”

I couldn’t answer her. I was still stuck in the premonition of her death. It was killing me to see it happen again and I refused to watch any more.

I wanted to cry.
I wanted out.
I wanted out NOW.

Colors and chattering exploded around me and I had to blink a few times before my eyes focused on a worried-looking Rachel sitting next to me. She wasn’t being attacked. She wasn’t in faded colors. She was in photography class. Safe. For now.

My eyes teared up when I noticed the stares students were giving me. Did people know what an outsider I was? Had I scared Rachel away?

Without knowing what else to do, I pushed out my chair and walked out of the classroom. I just cleared the doorway when the tears began falling.

Then I ran.

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