Wednesday, August 22, 2018


At the start of summer, I had every good intention of getting a lot of work done. I’m a college instructor and normally teach during summer, but I took this year off. My “To Do List” was long: declutter the house, repaint the walls, edit/publish my clients’ books, write a new book of my own, and so forth.

I started at a sprint. June and July were pretty productive. In between beach trips and taking my kids to the movies, I did indeed finish editing and formatting two client book projects, and I even managed to clean behind the stove and under the couch.

But then August hit — along with the infamous California heat wave.

My momentum slowed to a crawl. I started sleeping in, I ignored my long list of well-intended household chore list, and I spent more time on Facebook than I did writing.

We are only two weeks into August, but summer is effectively over. My kids started school this week, and I go back to work on Monday. All that wonderful FREE time I had planned to relish is now, sadly, behind me.

Summer wasn’t a complete bust, though. I bought a new bike and have started riding with my son. I did get those two client books published and am a third of the way through revising one of my own novels (though I’m weeks behind publishing it). I got a lot of reading done. And I made many great memories with my kids and family, including an awesome road trip to Washington to see my brother’s family.

Now, it’s time to pack away the fun and laziness and get back to work — not only by clocking into my classroom, but by getting down to business with my writing. I have only three goals for the remainder of 2018:

1) Submit my YA novel to 50 agents
2) Revise and self-publish my fantasy novel
3) Write a rough draft for my new historical novel

These should keep me pretty busy for the next few months. Oh, and I almost forgot — yes, I still need to clean my house.

So, what is your most important goal for the rest of this year?

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