Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am discovering how impatient of a person I really am. As a mother of five children, I have often found myself on my knees asking God to give me patience. Little did I know he would answer that prayer by making me wait...and wait...and wait for my book to be published.

First, I waited two years to hear from an interested publisher. Then I waited another year before getting a contract. Then over the next two years I waited for responses to my revisions, waited for the final draft, waited for the cover art, waited for the ARCs to arrive. Now I'm waiting for reviews, waiting for my guest posts and interviews to be posted, waiting for my blog tour, and most of all waiting for the book to actually be released.

I know while I'm waiting, my publisher and the entire team at Tanglewood Press are working tirelessly to get The Rock of Ivanore published. I am forever grateful and deeply indebted to them. But it is so very hard to wait. The only thing I can compare it to is those last few weeks of pregnancy before a child is born. I should know, I've had plenty of those. I remember literally staring at the calendar and the clock counting down the days and hours to my baby's big arrival. It was nerve wracking. I couldn't focus on anything else. The impending birth occupied every thought that passed through my mind.

Waiting for The Rock of Ivanore to finally hit the shelves is just like that.  And just like when I was getting ready for each child to arrive, there is so much to do now, and yet all I can think about is May 15th.


I need chocolate...


  1. LOL! Ah, Laurisa, what a fun thing to be waiting for! But I love how you mention God's way of helping you was to make you wait. Sometimes He has a twisted sense of humor :D

  2. Love your analogy. Those last weeks of pregnancy felt ten times longer than the rest of the time. Your pretty literary baby is just around the corner.