Friday, March 16, 2012


Giveaway & Interview w/ Megan Miranda, Author of Fracture

The Sherwood Anderson Foundation has been helping developing writers since 1988 in order to honor, preserve, and celebrate the memory and literary work of Sherwood Anderson, American realist of the first half of the twentieth century.

The amount of the award each year depends on a number of factors, including the investment market. The 2011 award was $15,000. Applications must arrive postmarked no later than April 1 of each year. The winner will be announced on or before the following September 1 on this website. If the applications are not deemed to have high literary merit, no award will be made in that year.
Application requirements:
  • Applicant has written at least one but no more than two published books of fiction. The books may be one novel and one collection of short stories but not more than two altogether. At least one book must have been published by a respected literary journal and/or trade or university publishers.
  • Submit three of the following by mail:
    • One published book of fiction, which may be a novel or a collection of short stories. Self-published works of fiction or short stories do not qualify.
    • Two additional writing samples - these may be book chapters, entire published books or individual short stories.
  • Include a resume with your submission that details your education and gives a complete bibliography of your publications.
  • Include a cover letter that provides a detailed history of your writing experience and your plans for future writing projects.
  • Include a valid, active email address and phone number.
  • Poetry is not accepted.
  • Submissions must be in English.
  • Include an application fee of $75 made payable to: Sherwood Anderson Foundation
This should be placed in a clearly labeled envelope and attached by a paper clip to the front of your application cover letter.
  • Mail your complete application to: Sherwood Anderson Foundation Anna McKean, President 12330 Ashton Mill Terrace Glen Allen, Va. 23059 No email applications will be accepted. No manuscripts or books will be returned.

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