Friday, August 31, 2012


- Win a copy of LET THE REASON BE LOVE by Merrill Osmond (Ends 9/14)
- Win a copy of SEVEN WONDERS by Adam Christopher (Ends 8/31)
- Win a copy of DEMONKEEPER by Royce Buckingham (Ends 9/3)

Ilsa J. Bick
465 pp.
Young adult

It could happen tomorrow . . .
An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions.

Alex hiked into the woods to say good-bye to her dead parents and her personal demons. Now desperate to find out what happened after the pulse crushes her to the ground, Alex meets up with Tom—a young soldier—and Ellie, a girl whose grandfather was killed by the EMP.

For this improvised family and the others who are spared, it’s now a question of who can be trusted and who is no longer human.

Wow! This book gripped me from the first page to the very last sentence! Really! That was the fasted 465 pages ever. I hadn't planned to read ASHES because my daughter and mother both read it, loved it, but couldn't stand the cliff hanger ending. Since I don't like to be left hanging, I decided not to bother with it. Until...

A couple weeks ago I went to the American Librarian Association Convention in Anaheim, CA. Publishers were handing out free books left and right, and as I walked past Egmont's booth, guess what I picked up? SHADOWS! the sequel to ASHES! (which will be released on September 25th)

Well, I figured since I had the sequel ready to go, I might as well give ASHES a shot -- and I'm so glad I did. It's kind of a zombie book, but there's only a few really nervewracking zombie scenes. I would have liked more (my daughter promises that the sequel delivers in this area), but it is very well written and fast paced. There's an awesome love triangle, plenty of shocks and surprises, and an unbelievable twist at the very end. I don't dare say more! But I loved it and I'm not wasting a second in starting SHADOWS.  Here I go...


Profanity:  High
Sex: Mild (just a little kissing)
Violence: High (it's about flesh-eating zombies!)

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