Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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Over the past couple of weeks I held a contest alongside my giveaway for STARFLOWER by Anne Stengl. The contest was for a good name for a character in a fantasy novel. There were several really good ones.  I liked so many of them that I had to pick 2 winners.

The first place winner is Emily Bennett for "Naida."  Second place goes to Katherine Sophia for "Ellian Roya."

I am, as I write this, outlining the third book of The Celestine Chronicles series and will be using at least one of these names for a character in the book. If I can, I will use both, but I can't promise that yet.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Oh, the next contest will be for book titles. I just can't come up with one for my new book yet. Here's how the series is going so far, to help jog your creative juices:


The Rock of Ivanore
The Last Enchanter
The Crystal Keeper
The Seer of the Guilde

What I'm looking for is a word that fits here:   THE _______________ ORACLE

Any ideas?


  1. What a cool idea for a contest! Wish my brain was functioning right now. :P Of course I go for irony, so I'd say the Blind Oracle, but that's probably NOT what you're looking for! LOL

  2. Hmm. The blind oracle. or maybe the lost or hidden oracle.