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Book Review: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

by Guadelupe Garcia McCall
Tu Books
352 pp.
Ages 9 - 12 years (but great for teens, too)

Odilia and her four sisters rival the mythical Odysseus in cleverness and courage as they embark on their own hero’s journey. After finding a drowned man floating in their secret swimming hole along the Rio Grande, the sisters trek across the border to bring the body to the man’s family in Mexico. But returning home turns into an odyssey of their own.
Outsmarting mythical creatures, and with the supernatural aid of spectral La Llorona via a magical earring, Odilia and her little sisters make their way along a road of trials to make it to their long-lost grandmother’s house. Along the way, they must defeat a witch and her Evil Trinity: a wily warlock, a coven of vicious half-human barn owls, and the bloodthirsty chupacabras that prey on livestock. Can these fantastic trials prepare Odilia and her sisters for what happens when they face their final test, returning home to the real world, where goddesses and ghosts can no longer help them? 


I picked up an ARC of this book at the ALA conference in Los Angeles last summer. I didn't read it right away for two reasons. First, I wasn't really that interested in reading about five sisters and their journey through Mexico. Second, I also wasn't interested in a retelling of Odysseus. BUT I've read some other titles from Tu Books, a small press specializing in diversity in children's fantasy and science fiction, and so far I've been impressed. The editor of Tu Books, Stacy Whitman, has good taste in literature, so trusting her judgment, I started to read SUMMER OF THE MARIPOSAS. I was not disappointed in the least.

This story may be a retelling of Odysseus, but unless you're really familiar with Greek mythology, you'd never know it. This tale of five sisters on a journey to their Abuelita's home in Mexico stands firmly on its own feet. All the sisters are distinct and memorable, and their quest involves plenty of adventure, magic, supernatural surprises, and heart-warming moments. I have to say this sweet, funny, sometimes suspenseful tale was one of the best books I've so far this year. I highly recommend it.


Profanity:  None
Violence:  Mild
Sexuality: None


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  1. I love mythology and this one sounds like fun! I haven't heard of it before so I am so glad that I read this review!

    Thanks for sharing. :)