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by Jenny Lundquist
Ages 9-13
256 pp.

Release Date: March 19th

Popularity has its pitfalls, and Polly is discovering them firsthand in this middle-grade M!X novel.
Polly Pierce likes being the second-most popular girl at Winston Academy, right after her BFF, Kelsy. Popularity comes with special privileges, like a seat at the best table in the cafeteria and a coveted spot on the planning committee for the school’s big talent show competition, Groove It Up! And since all Polly has to do is agree with whatever Kelsy says, being popular is easy—even if kids do call her “Plastic Polly” behind her back.

But when a freak accident takes Kelsy out of the picture, Polly is suddenly in charge of the Groove It Up! committee. She’s not prepared for her new status—and neither is anyone else. Backstabbing friends, an intimidating crush, and diva demands from an injured Kelsy all threaten to derail Polly’s plans. Can she prove to everyone—and herself—that she has a personality of her own?

Plastic Polly is Jenny Lundquist's second novel. Her first novel, Seeing Cinderella, was released in 2012. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny for her debut release, so this time we decided to do something a little different. Instead of talking with Jenny, Polly has agreed to share some of her most personal secrets with us! Afterwards, be sure to check out how to win a copy of Plastic Polly!

Plastic Polly's True Confessions

Every time I hear someone call me Plastic Polly I imagine myself slowly turning into a life-sized Barbie doll, one phony piece at a time.

No one at school ever told me I was pretty until after I became popular.

You know how everyone says you shouldn't care what others think about you? Well, I care. A lot.

Being popular feels like I'm always walking on a tightrope. One false move, and it's a long, long way down.

Sometimes I wonder if my mom wishes she had a daughter who was more like her: determined, and always knows what she wants.

Every day I stand in front of my closet door and ask myself, "What would a popular girl wear today?"

When you're popular, it feels like people always want to be near you. But that doesn't mean they know you.

I have a recurring nightmare where I walk into a crowded room and everyone holds up a number grading my appearance and how cool they think I am.

I hate nicknames. They never tell you anything about who a person really is.


To celebrate Plastic Polly's release on Jenny Lundquist has one copy to give away to a lucky winner! 
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  1. So excited for Jennifer. I loved Plastic Polly. I felt like I was back in middle school, only looking out from the popular group. Thanks for spotlighting her book.

  2. I didn't know about this one. Thanks for the review and the chance to win.

  3. I really liked those true confessions. I, personally, was a loner during junior high and high school. Didn't fit in with any groups.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  4. This book does sound good. I enjoyed learning more about it. Thanks for the chance to win. My true confession is that I still wait for my letter to Hogwarts. :)

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  6. True confession, hmmm. I confess, I still sometimes stay up all night reading. ;)