Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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If you're familiar with John Green's THE FAULT IN OUR STARS then you may know that it's being made into a movie. Part of what makes any movie great is the music. A friend of mine, Anne Greenwood Brown, author of LIES BENEATH, is on a quest to get a particular special song into the movie.

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Written by and performed by Zach Sobiech and Anne's daughter, Sammy, "Fix Me Up" is a perfect song for the THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, the love story between two teens struggling with cancer. Zach Sobiech died a few weeks ago from cancer and "Fix Me Up" was his and Sammy's good-bye song.

I, too, would love to see this song adopted by the filmmakers. But even if it isn't, the song and the music video need to be shared. Please watch and share. Thanks.


  1. "If a tear rolls down whist reading then you have fallen head over heels for the book..."
    One such book is the one I started and completed this weekend..
    The Fault in Our Stars put a smile on my face, spread warmth to my heart, broke it and then stitched it back saying "It is possible to live with pain"!!!
    There are some real, real people in unreal world of Literature.. and I just visited few in this book.
    John Green, the writer has a way to put things bluntly which is quite rare these days. If books can take us to the most unbelievable places then at times they need to put us back in to reality too at times.
    A weekend well spent...

  2. A bittersweet rollercoaster of a ride. A beautifully acted and heart felt story but I wasn't blown away!

  3. Geesh. So I read the book, and it's fine. Its themes of love and death aren't particularly deep or new; in fact, they are a bit contradictory and a mishmash of different philosophies. Hazel is fine. Without the easy literary trait of strength-and-detachment-derived-from-cancer, she's a snarky blank slate for tween readers to project themselves on. Gus is goofy and charming, but he also thinks he's sooo cute. The constant "Hazel Gracing" gets a bit cloying.