Thursday, April 2, 2015


After a short hiatus, I am thrilled to announce that the 3rd Annual SUPER SWAG SUNDAY is coming this July 20-25th!!!

What is SUPER SWAG SUNDAY? It is a week-long event where today's top Young Adult & Middle Grade authors showcase their books right here on my blog! But the best part is that every participating author will be donating SWAG to giveaway to 7, YES 7!!! winners!!! Each day, one winner will receive a PRIZE PACK containing all sorts of awesome promo goodies: book marks, stickers, posters, pins, pens, bracelets, who the heck knows??? Whatever this year's authors decide to contribute. The final day, SUPER SWAG SUNDAY, one grand prize winner will be chosen to receive the MEGA SWAG PRIZE PACK, which will also include signed copies of books and some other fantabulous stuff!!!

 If you are a YA or MG author with a book released in 2014-2015 and would like to have your book showcased, send me an email ASAP for instructions on where to send your swag. [laurisawhitereyes at yahoo dot com]. (49 spots are available. A limited number of self-published books will be accepted upon approval.)

If you are a reader and want to be notified when SUPER SWAG SUNDAY begins, be sure to follow my blog and/or subscribe to my newsletter. In the meantime, check back often for updates!

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