Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Keeping it short and sweet today.

I am a book addict. I don’t know how else to describe the inexpressible pull I feel toward books or my compulsive need to keep buying them. I read about 30-50 books a year, usually three or four at the same time. I own more than a hundred books that I haven’t yet read but have every intention of reading “some day”.

Last year, in an effort to break myself of this habit and to declutter my house, I gave away eight boxes (BIG boxes) full of books to my local library, friends, and a needy school. I estimated there were at least 200 books in those boxes, maybe more. The value was over $2,500. Many were new books I’d purchased but never read.

I continue to donate about 100 books a year to schools and libraries. And I keep buying more. When my monthly Barnes & Noble coupons arrive in the mail, it feels like Christmas.

There are books I have read that I’ve loved so much I refuse to part with them, even though I will never read them again.

I love the texture, weight, smell of a new book. Better than chocolate. To me, each book is a treasure. A gift.

I am an not ashamed of my addiction.

If you share my addiction to books, send me a message and tell me which book you just finished along with the last sentence of the last page.

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