Thursday, August 7, 2014


What is Skyrocket Press?

Skyrocket Press began as a suggestion from my friend, picture book author Wade Bradford, to create a publishing house unlike any other. I took Wade's initial ideas and essentially ran with them, and even better, expanded them into something I think is truly unique.

You see, as a published author, I know how hard it is to break into traditional publishing. I also know of the challenges facing self-published authors. The publishing model offered by Skyrocket Press is a hybrid of these two, combining the freedom and control of self-publishing with the resources and guidance of the traditional model.

In essence, each book will be given the same care and attention that any traditionally published book would get - professionally designed covers, editorial and proofreading, distribution to all online markets, as well as blog tours and promotional materials.

But this process won't cost a fortune. There are many successful self-published authors out there who really understand the business, but there are many others who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed. That's where Skyrocket Press comes in.

Instead of offering these resources at prices some authors simply can't afford, we raise the funds to launch each book via crowdsourcing (ie. Kickstarter or Indiegogo). We provide the resources, guidance and skills for the author to produce his/her book, and the money to pay for it comes from the author's future fans. That's right. Through crowdsourcing, prospective readers will be able to "donate" towards a books' production, and in return receive the book and other rewards.

After the initial publication process is paid for, all profits from future online sales go directly to the author. Skyrocket Press does not earn a percentage of the sales. All our fees come out of the initial crowdsourcing campaign. Whether or not a campaign is successful, whether or not a book is produced, is highly dependent on how well we and the author can solicit support for it.

So there you have it! What I believe is an innovative publishing model. As of now, submissions to Skyrocket Press are by INVITATION ONLY. So please do not send us anything. But I am thrilled to announced that our very first Kickstarter Campaign just launched today!!!

Our debut title will be a collection of sci-fi short stories called MARTIAN GOODS and OTHER STORIES by Noelle Campbell.  We have 30 days to raise $1500, which will fully fund Noelle's book and get Skyrocket Press on its feet. Our campaign was chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick, which is great!!!

So, please help us spread the word, and stop by the campaign and make a donation. In the meantime, I hope you'll LIKE our Facebook page, too!

Thanks so much!!!

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