Friday, March 25, 2016


I receive emails from time to time from children or their parents who like my books. But an email I got the other day was just too precious not to share. I had visited this young lady's school, and her mom bought two of my books for her. I asked her to contact me once she had read them (which she did in three days) to tell me what she thought of them.

Here's the kicker: she's 7 years old! Her mother gave me permission to post the letter and her picture. My response is at the end.

It's moments like these that make writing for kids worth while:

Dear Laurisa Reyes,

I REALLY like your books! I think Xerxes should become friends with the gryphon. We should also find out what the gryphon's name is. A good suggestion is Martha to go with Marcus. Or, Jay to go with Jayson or, Leia to go with Lael. One more thing: I think Lael and Marcus should get married.

1. How do you pronounce Kaie's name?
2. Does the gryphon have a name?

Hope the third book comes out soon!

(On the way to Hestoria, Xerxes should get LESS annoying. He makes a lot of rude comments, in both forms! I still like him, though.)
Here is my response to Sarah's letter:
Dear Sarah & Margaret,

Your review of The Rock of Ivanore & The Last Enchanter was perfect and really made my day. I love your suggestions, especially the one about Lael and Marcus getting married. They are a little too young for that in these books, but in my imagination, someday they do get married. To answer your questions, Kaie is pronounced like 'pie' or 'sky' but with a K. Also, the gryphon does have a name, but Marcus doesn't know what it is. The gryphon was owned by his mother (in The Crystal Keeper books), and so maybe Marcus will learn the gryphon's name in book 3.

You're spot on about Xerxes being rude. That's his personality. I kind of like him that way. :)

I am hoping to finish the first draft of the Seer of the Guilde over the summer. Once the book is ready for publication, I will announce it on my blog and via my newsletter. It'll still be a while, but stay tuned. It'll happen eventually.

Thank you so much for writing. May I have your permission to post your letter & photo on my blog/website? If not, I completely understand, but I think it would be fun for others to read.

Take care!


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