Sunday, March 27, 2016

Picture Book for Little Budding Businessmen (and women)

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Rana DiOrio and Emma D. Dryen
Little Pickle Press
Ages 4 - 8 years

When Rae witnesses an ice cream-and-doggie mishap, she’s inspired to create a big-scale solution to help get dogs clean. Rae draws on her determination, resilience, and courage until she—and everyone else in her community—learns just what it means to be an entrepreneur.
Book six in the award-winning What Does It Mean To Be …?® series, What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?

“This book takes a big ‘adult’ concept and unpacks it for young children with a punchy story and bright attractive illustrations…. Rae, the young protagonist, displays characteristics and skills that any teacher would want to promote in her classroom. Who wouldn’t want to encourage kids in, ‘working harder than you ever imagined—all while feeling joy,’ or ‘having the humility to learn from your mistakes?’” —Joanna Marple, Miss Marple’s Musings

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