Monday, April 17, 2017


Reviews for PETALS are starting to come in. I want to thank the blog Just Olga and Her Books for her amazing 5 star review! Here's a quote from the review:

"In summary, this is an excellent YA book, well written, with beautiful description of places, people and emotions, exploring issues of identity, survivor’s guilt, grief and death, mixed marriages and families, the role of tradition and culture, with an engaging and sympathetic main character and a good cast of secondary ones. This is a clean book with some Christian religious content and questions although that is not the emphasis of the book. It will appeal not only to readers of YA books but to anybody who enjoys well-written first-person narratives, exploring mixed family relationships, identity and grief, set in a wonderful location."

Read Olga's full review HERE.

Another 5 star review was posted by The Ordinary Housewife:

"If your looking for a young adult book with love and suspense that is written so well that you can feel the emotion bouncing out of the book. I loved reading about Guatemala and the culture and I think that really helped make the book even more wonderful than it already was. The chemistry between Miguel and Carly was amazing and it kept me reading late into the night."

Read full review HERE

And finally, a couple of 5 star Amazon reviews:

"I loved petals! It put me on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time. I loved the mystery and the romance. Definitely one of my favorites!"
"I enjoyed this book and finished it in one reading."
These reviews made my day!

Buy Petals HERE.

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