Thursday, April 20, 2017


Congratulations to RACHEL for winning my PETALS LAUNCH $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

The contest officially ended on April 18th, my dad's birthday. Here he is:

My dad, Ray White, just turned 72. He has honestly been the best father a girl could ever ask for. While I was growing up, my dad never raised his voice at me or my mother. He was kind and patient, forgiving, affectionate, and attentive. I always knew I could talk to my dad about anything. In the 1970s he and my mother built a 2400 sq. ft. log home with their own hands.

Dad spent 40 years as a computer programmer and worked for Bank of America, Global Marine, and finally Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he helped program deep space probes like the Galileo.

Dad has always been a devout Christian. Jesus Christ is the most important person in Dad's life. The next most important person is my mom. Mom became a Type I Diabetic in 1975 and her health has been precarious ever since. But because of my Dad's constant vigilance and love for her, she's had a wonderful life and has been as healthy as a diabetic can be. He takes such good care of her, and has been supportive of everything she's done throughout her life, all her business ventures and traveling and hobbies.

Dad is a storyteller. His stories inspired me to become a writer. He also loves his sixteen grandchildren with fierce devotion. He has tutored all my children in math and will drive them anywhere they need to go at the drop of a hat, even when my little boy, Jarett, asks him to take him across town to the coin store.

I've known many men in my life, but Dad is the greatest of them all. I always tell my sons, "Follow Grandpa's example. Be like Grandpa," because he is the epitome of a what a good Christian, husband, and father should be.

I love you, Dad.

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