Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Daniel Cohen
Spencer Hill Press
300 pp.

Life can't get much better for Sam Lock. Popular, good-looking, and with a future as a professional football player... every guy at Stanton High School wishes he were Sam. That is, until his championship football game, when Sam accidentally links with an ancient source of energy known as the Veil and reveals his potential to become a powerful sorcerer. Sam's dreams are crushed as he is whisked off to Atlas Crown, a community of sorcerers who utilize the Veil as a part of everyday life. Once there, he trains beside a mute boy who speaks through music, an eternal sage who is the eyes and ears of the Veil, and a beautiful girl who's pretty sure Sam's an idiot. As it becomes clear that Sam is meant for power magic the most feared and misunderstood form of sorcery people beyond Atlas Crown learn of his dangerous potential. An exiled group of power sorcerers are eager to recruit Sam, believing that he is destined to help them achieve their long-held goal. If they succeed, they could bring about the downfall of not only Atlas Crown... but all of humankind.

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1.  Describe Masters of the Veil in one sentence.
Popular jock finds out that he can do magic... and that he's not very good at it. 
2.  What inspired you to write this book?
 The Harry Potter books. I was always the same age as Harry when the books came out, and I truly feel like we grew up together. I loved making friends, doing magic, and exploring Hogwarts with the gang. That world is very dear to my heart. 
3.  What books did you enjoy reading when you were younger?
Besides the Harry Potter series, I loved the Ender books, by Orson Scott Card, "The Giver," by Lois Lowry and anything by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. 
4.  What do you enjoy reading now?
I am obsessed with Neil Gaiman. The guy is a genius. My goal is to read everything he's ever published, and I'm not too far away. 

5.  Share a little about your journey to publication?
Tons of rejection, a stint of insanity, and lots and lots of tenacity. 

6.  What can we expect from you in the future?
I'm hard at work at finishing the Veil trilogy. But I have a few other projects that I've started that may or may not turn into full length novels.

"Oh. My. Gosh. I think I am an official fan-girl of the Veil trilogy, this book was brilliant. Daniel Cohen had such an amazing way of describing Atlas Crown and all of its strange and magical features that I instantly fell in love... This Book was brilliant, creative, and completely magical. If you want an amazing book to read in 2012, I would suggest you go to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Masters of the Veil." -Julia @ Inkbitten

"Daniel Cohen has an incredible imagination. Masters of the Veil was literally busting at the seams with fantasy. It was coming out of my nose, dripping from the pages, and staining my fingers... Boys, girls - it doesn’t matter. Fantasy lover or not, I'm confidence this book will appeal to all!"
-Shana @ Sizzling Reads

"Masters of the Veil is a fun, fresh fantasy that delivers an intriguing story and fantastic world-building, and is a great first volume in what is sure to be an excellent trilogy." -Aeicha @ Word Spelunking

"I absolutely adored Masters of the Veil. It is a unique and creative read in today's sometimes overwhelming YA market. Daniel is taking JK Rowling's lead and putting a whole new twist on fantasy." -Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

"Mr. Cohen has done a spectacular job on Masters of the Veil and I look forward to what comes next!" -Kristi @ The Book Faery


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