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Amy Fellner Dominy
Walker and Company
Ages 10-14
Released: September 4, 2012

Best friends Tatum and Lori are used to doing everything together—including a clarinet/flute duet for District Honor Band auditions. But all that changes when Michael transfers to their middle school, and into their band. Suddenly, not only is he competing for Tatum’s spot on stage, but he’s stealing Lori, too. Tatum doesn’t like change no matter its form: not with her good friend Aaron, who seems to believe her fib that they’re secretly boyfriend and girlfriend. And not with her mom either, who, to cope with a separation from her dad, is performing in community theater, of all things! Amy Fellner Dominy composes an equally heartwarming and hilarious story of how holding tight to the status quo can mean missing out on the future—and how oftentimes the best way to move forward is by going solo.

Welcome to the Worst Blog Tour Ever!

Audition and Subtraction, the newest tween novel by Amy Fellner Dominy (OyMG), has just been released.  Amy is celebrating by sharing her WORST moments of middle school.  (Why should her characters suffer alone?) In fact, Amy invites you to share your memories too—with a chance to turn your angst into prizes.  At the end of the tour, Amy will be giving away 2 PRIZE PACKS, each with a signed hardcover of Audition and Subtraction, book goodies and a $10 iTunes giftcard. 
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It’s only fitting I start here, because this is actually where the inspiration for Audition and Subtraction began—with a worst best friend moment.

I started the book about five years ago—out of desperation.  I was working on another book and horribly stuck.  I was ready to give up writing altogether when I read an article about sparking novel ideas.  According to the article, I needed to go back to my youth and pull out a deeply emotional or painful moment and write about that.

(Oh joy.)

But I cast my memory back and I landed in the school cafeteria on a day with my best friend that changed my whole world.  It wasn’t a fight.  Those we worked through.  This was something altogether different.

On that day, my best friend showed up for lunch and she wasn’t alone.  She brought a guy with her.  His name was Cliff and it was obvious that she liked him.  Like-liked him.  And Amy + Mary = BFFs suddenly changed.  My life suddenly changed.

Sure, we were still friends, but now there was this guy in the middle of everything, and I had to pretend to like him or I’d be labeled a “bad friend.”  So I did what every patient and desperate girl does—I prayed they would break up.  (I really should have had a Plan B.) Here’s a picture of Mary and I on the day she married Cliff.

As it turns out, it was a good thing for Mary—because Cliff is a wonderful man and they’ve been married nearly 25 years. And it was also a good thing for me, because that moment of change—the shift in relationships and the dynamics of friends and romance—inspired Audition and Subtraction.

How about you?  What was your WORST best friend moment? Did you have one friend you relied on?  Or were you part of a larger group?  Do you still keep in touch with your middle school friends?  Be sure to leave a comment and earn as many entries as you can for your chance to win a Prize Pack.



This is a terrific book for ages 10 - 14, especially girls. Tatum plays clarinet and has her heart set on making it into honor band. With the audition looming, a new clarinetist moves in. Michael is just as determined as she is to get into the band, but only one can make it. What follows is a story of competition and friendship and first love.

I thoroughly enjoyed Audition and Subtraction, which surprised me since I don't read much contemporary fiction. But the story had just the right balance of humor and suspense to keep me interested all the way to shocking end.  The characters are endearing real. I get tired reading about school jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds all the time, so it was so refreshing reading about middle school musicians! But even if your young reader doesn't play in the school band, the challenges and situations the characters face are universal.

Best of all, the book is clean. Yes, there is a little bit of kissing, but it is all innocent and harmless. I handed it off to my ten-year-old with confidence. Audition and Subtraction is a worthy addition to any school or family library.



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  1. Thanks for the giveaway.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  2. This sounds like a cute book. I myself played clarinet in middle school.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Very cute idea for a book, something to which most kids can relate. Thanks for running the giveaway.

  4. This sounds adorable. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  5. Book sounds really cute. I wish I still kept up with friends from middle school. I hope this will be good for my 10 yr old to read.

  6. OyMG I love that you admitted that plan! I sadly only keep in contact with school people by facebook. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Oooh those moments when a best friend gets involved with a new love interest can be hard, even as adults. It feels like they won't have time for you anymore, (and sometimes they don't) because they're so preoccupied with that new person.

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  9. Aww~ this book sounds adorable! Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. This books sounds like a great MG read... and I like it when I hear "clean" in the review! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I don't really have anyone from middle school that I talk to. I do however have a few close friends from high school and we keep in touch. I remember being in the same situation with friends in the past. A guy showed up and then it was all about me and my friend anymore. The book sounds like a fun read