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...and help a school in need

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my newest non-fiction title. The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction teaches children from ages 8 to 18 how to tap into their imaginations and craft their own stories.

For each copy purchased HERE during the months of April & May, one copy of The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction will be donated to the Stony Creek Joint Unified School District in Elk Creek, CA.

Many of the students in Elk Creek live on tribal lands and have limited access to libraries and bookstores. For many years, the district's Special Education Specialist, Lorna Cox, has spent her personal funds on purchasing and distributing books to these children. In 2015-16, Middle Shelf Magazine adopted the district, donating several hundred books as well. Now Skyrocket Press would like to do our part.

Help us reach our goal of sending these kids 100 books by May 31st. Please consider ordering The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction for a child, grandchild, or student today.

[Note: While the book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, only orders placed through this link can be counted.]

Thank you for your support.

In The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction, students explore the building blocks needed to construct a story; characterization, setting, plot, perspective, plot, imagery, and dialog. Then, using these building blocks, they create their own stories.

Accessible to both the struggling student and the budding novelist—as well as to teachers, and even adult aspiring writers, author Laurisa White Reyes presents key elements of story writing and clarifies them with examples and worksheets. Concepts are explained in simple, clear language while gently introducing vocabulary words. The Kid's Guide to Writing Fiction offers welcome guidance to storytellers of all ages.

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